• Spice Islands – Part Two



    On his twenty-second birthday, he and his parents had a servant drive their covered carriage down to the Club for an evening of dancing, drinking and eating. Midway through the meal his father called for quiet and then announced that he and Helena were returning permanently to Holland within the year. This meant that Jon would have the plantation. There was surprise all around and Jon stood to applause with an astonished look on his face – he had no idea this was coming. To have this responsibility at this age of Twenty-two was frightening. Read the rest of the story »

  • Spice Islands – Part One



    Adrian Arrington sat on the living room floor, shaking some nutmeg into his hot chocolate. He began separating the faded papers and mementos from his father’s trunks. As the oldest son it was his duty to go through and classify what was there. His father had died a month ago and it was a task he did not look forward to. Some of the yellowed papers looked as if they had been written many, many years ago. There were ledgers with columns of figures, and notations written in Dutch. At the bottom of the third trunk he found journals written by planters from the Dutch East Indies. As he looked through, he found one that was written by his great grandfather, Jon. The title was Spice Islands and it was sealed with red wax. It appeared never to have been opened. He broke the seal, turned the cover and began to read as pieces of parchment fell out. Read the rest of the story »