• Crime Perfect – Part Two


    CRIME PERFECT – Part Two

    Fawn said, “Look my client doesn’t know anything about the crash other than she got bruises, cuts, a broken arm and a diseased husband. To infer that some how she tampered with her husband’s car is ridiculous. She came that night at his request, in his car and was only driving because he had too much to drink – his blood alcohol level was five times the limit. As far as I’m concerned we’re done here. If there are any other questions please have your office contact me.”

    “What was that all about?’ asked Janet. “I don’t know, other than someone has put them up to this. Don’t worry about it, I think we have heard the last of this,” said Faun. “Do you want me to look into some of the assets that were acquired jointly during your marriage? I had my investigator start checking – they are in trusts and hidden equities so nothing shows in his name, but I think we can pry some money loose if you want to let the investigator go after his family.” “Let me think about it, I’m not sure what I want to do right now,” said Janet. Read the rest of the story »

  • Crime Perfect – Part One


    CRIME PERFECT – Part One

    “Just kidding,” Kurt said. Janet wondered how many times she had heard him use that phrase. She hated it. There was nothing that he could say that would infuriate her more.

    They had been married for just a year now, he thirty-three and she twenty-two. After graduating in accounting from Arizona State, she went to work for Ernst and Young in Albuquerque. She had just finished her mandatory auditing hours, passed her CPA exam, and was doing a huge job at the Veterans Hospital. Then Kurtis Cabot showed up on the scene. He had movie star looks and was so smooth, so sophisticated. Read the rest of the story »