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    These short stories here are composed of experiences over my 75 years, plus the ramblings of my mind. These are short fiction stories, all painted with a unsteady artistic brush. You can decide for yourself if some of what I have written is true. I generally enjoy writing but I find it difficult and rewriting takes forever. In the past I have spun out a story about once a month, but now its slipped to about one every other month. Maybe my brain cells are dying at an increasing rate or I flat out can’t think of anything interesting. If you have looked at the tabs you can see that the latest story I have written. All of the stories are indexed alphabetically, and also the most current to the oldest under Stories, then there are my Favorites. At the end of each story there is a place for comments. I’d welcome praise or criticism. You can contact me at Josephollivier@gmail.com. My novel, The Searchers, was published in 2015 and is sold on Amazon both in print form and as an ebook.

    About Me


    Joseph Ollivier has had a colorful career, but then he is a semi-colorful character. Been the Chairman of a Bank and in jail only one time (had too much ambien in his system), but must have not been serious because he taught for 34 years as a adjunct professor at BYU. Loved growing up rural communities such as Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, Heber, Utah, and finally in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Some of his stories are based on his years in small towns, others as adventures around the world. Many of the tales are just based on his imagination.

    Lots of kids, grandkids, and now great grandkids – along with his wife Rynna, his most cherished possessions.